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Neomee Shah, the founder of Forever Wellness is a Certified Holistic Health Coach & Nutritionist. She is also a Bach Flower Practitioner Registered with Dr.Edward Bach International (BFRP-LONDON). Adding to her credentials, she is a NLP Practitioner, a Pranic Healer, an Aroma therapist and a Counsellor. She combines all the expertise in her fields of knowledge to treat the client. Neomee Shah's Forever Wellness is a Holistic Health & Wellness company aiming to treat the person as a whole - Mind, Body & Soul. Neomee shah says that "we are made up of what we Eat and what we Think" and hence we focus on Holistic Diet as well as Emotional Management. She says that a fit mind and fit body are two priceless possessions with which you can be at your priductive best. Hence at Neomee Shah's Forever Wellness we focus on achieving Physical strength and vitality with the help of Nutrition and Diet, as well as Emotianal well being with the help of Bach Flower Remedies, Counseling and Meditations. Thus a complete Wellness is acheived by aligning Mind.Body.Soul.

She says that you can not ignore even one of the two: Physical Health or Emotional Well Being. For eg. right now you are physically fit but are emotionally stressed, then eventually your physical body will suffer and encounter illness, as your thoughts, feeling & emotions get stored in the cells and organs of your body and create a toxic and acidic body, conditions inviting illness. And similarly if you are emotionally sound but are ignoring your body conditions then also you will encounter problems.

Hence after considering the client's health issues, food habits, cravings & compulsions along with the client’s stress levels, work pressures, personality traits and characteristics, then a personalised plan is suggested to achieve the desired target. The target can be anything from weight loss, health gain, curing a particular ailment, emotional stability to cope up with stress or combination of all.

We Offer Various Options to Our Client -
  1. Nutrition & Diet Plan
  2. Bach Flower Remedies
  3. Combination of the above Two
  4. Fat Loss With Therapy Essential Oils
  5. Body Sclupting With Body Brushing

The clients can choose the plan as per the individual requirements. Her mission is to create awareness about the Holistic Way of Living, enabling her clients to overcome physical & emotional challenges, achieving the best version of themselves. Neomee Shah leads by example and practices what she preaches. She constantly works on herself by taking up new goals and striving to achieve them. In the entire process she breaks her won boundaries, discovers new dimensions, reaches new highs and steps into her fabulous.

"A Healthy Body coupled with Emotional Fitness - That is the Best Fashion Statement." - Neomee Shah