Therapeutic grade essential oils for petrochemical weight loss

About Therapeutic grade essential oils are a true gift from nature to mankind. Apart from being antioxidant, antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory, these oils have many other therapeutic properties. Our superior quality premium oils helps our clients get rid of unwanted stubborn fat, harmful cellulite, overabundance of environmental chemicals and toxic food leftovers stored in the fat cells. Directly from the pharmacy of nature these 100% pure, organic, safe way for getting rid of that stubborn cellulite(toxins stored in fat cells of your body) forever.

How does it work?
  1. The oils penetrate deep inside your cells.
  2. Breaks up the stubborn fats
  3. Digest what has been broken up
  4. Eliminates toxins, excess fats & cellulite
  5. Detoxes your body
  6. This leads to weight to weight loss
  7. You gain new rejuvenated, healthy you

What do we do?

  • We examine your body type
  • Oils best suited you are recommended
  • Applications technique is explained
    • Normal application day/night
    • Application with body wrap
    • Capsule oils for dietary consumption
    • Application before/after body brushing

  • Hair growth
  • Cellular deprogramming & reprogramming
  • Cellular healing
  • Reversing cellular aging
  • Immunity building oil
  • Age reversal oils
  • Repair your genes oil