Chakra Cleansing Scrub

Product Description

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”
  • Why abuse your body with Fancy but harmful Chemical soaps & Body Wash & Soaps and Perfumed Moisturisers which creates a havoc in the hormonal system of your body?
  • Nature at your door step : Keep your Body and Aura clean with our 100% Natural, Pure, Organic Chakra Cleansing Scrub.
  • This single Premium Product is the substitute for your daily soap scrub & moisturizer.
  • Nature has provided us with all the solutions for our best health and hygiene and this product is truly a gift from nature.
  • We are what we do daily. Ask yourself : Do you want accumulated petrochemical waste for your body which will lead to health hazards or do you want thorough cleansing for a fit & healthy body. The choice is yours.
  • Excellent for removing bad breath and body odour naturally.
  • Regular use of scrub may also result in increased immunity, pigmentation reduction, lowering fever & reducing body cramps.