About Dr Edward Bach

Bach Flower remedies were discovered in the 1930’s by a visionary physician from England, Dr Edward Bach who was also a bacteriologist, homeopath, immunologist & pathologist.

  • He believed that negative moods and emotions of people were responsible for the breakdown in health which in turn leads to illness. And hence he devised 38 flower essences/remedies to treat the distressing emotions of the sufferer and treat the root cause rather than just addressing superficial physical symptoms of illness.
  • The Remedies are 100% natural, pure, organic, safe and has no side effects.
  • They are the healing power of nature used as complementary medicine.

  • Neomee Shah's take on Bach Remedies

  • We believe that our thoughts feelings & emotions create our entire world.
  • The Study of Psycho- Neuro Immunology shows how our emotions and mind affect our immune system and then body. Our emotions actually affect our health. There is a direct co-relations between our mind & body.
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  • In today’s stressful world where anger, anxiety, fear, jealousy, depression, intolerance etc. are common, the quality of life has deteriorated drastically.
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  • Many chronic illnesses which are very superficial in nature have hidden reasons which are addressed beautifully by Bach Flower remedies to cure them from the root.
  • Hence for detoxification of minds, removal of emotional toxins, uplifting and including happy loving feelings we have original Bach flower remedies from England. They are 100% natural pure, organic, safe, directly from the pharmacy of nature.
  • We believe that the way we need food for maintaining our physical body, back remedies are food for our thought.
  • Life is a learning process and we are going to encounter ups and downs in life, but with our emotions in place with the help of bach.
  • Remedies, we can handle the situations and challenges with greater ease. The remedies help you to become your personal best.
  • The table below will explain our view:

    Holding on to your stools; refusing old ideas; stuck in the past

    Hardened areas of thought just like the hard skin of the corn.

    The tightening of muscles comess from "tension-a fear gripping the body"

    Anger, Burning up

    Emotional overflow, years of controlling the emotions

    Lumps of undissolved anger, bitterness

    Dislike of oneself, repulsive, revengeful thoughts.

    Strong bones represent self-belief, confidence, conditions like osteroporosis can be interpreted as feelings there is no support in life, instability.

    Back represents support in life, mainly financial support, can manifest as a dull backache. OR, sharp pain in back stems from a feeling of being "stuck" in life due to some guilt or critisim, some people says "get off my back".

    The smooth flow of blood in the body is like smooth flow of "joyful ideas" B.P. problems arise from lack of circulation of joys ideas which arises from lack of love in life or an unresolved long-standing emotional problems

    Closing down the flow of joy

    Narrowing of bronchi in the lungs, smothered feelings; inability to breathe for oneself, feeling stifled for love.

    Cancer Occurs as a hardened lump in the body; hardening of emotions e.g.deep hurts, carrying hatred,grief eating away at oneself.

    Often represents a fear and a need for protection INSECURITY, the body builds the layers of fat as a layer of protection, also represents a lack of fulfillment in life. Celluite: lumps of fat underneath the skin representative of "storeed anger"

    How do we work

    A client Intake form is to be filled by the client for enabling us to know the clients history. And basic details like name, address, occupation, age, sex, marital status etc. along with additional information on clients medications, past history of health problems, clients traits and characteristics, sleep|skin problems, cravings addictions, compulsions, etc. recorded.

    • At this stage we conduct one-on-one Personalised Bach Consultation. Here we go in depth of client’s current life occurrences, major changes in last 2 years, and also a short history of client’s past experiences.
    • All this enables us to treat the client better. Everything mentioned by the client is kept confidential.
    • You deserve peace and tranquillity in your life and during the consultation we identify the emotional imbalances such as anger, stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, children’s nightmares, work pressure, separation anxiety, adjustment issues, bullying, lack of self-esteem and everything in between.
    • Also some major transitions such as divorce, death, menopause and teenage years are considered. There could be one or many issues to be addressed.
    • All these are noted down at this stage
    • Depending upon clients requirements, we set short term goals and long term goals.
    • If there are multiple things to be worked upon, then we take the present problem first and then go to the next.
    • It’s like peeling off the layers of an onion. Emotions on the surface are handled first and then we go deeper.

    Once the goal is set, a personalised remedy mix bottle is prepared for the clients. Also the dosage is prescribe to the client. Usually it is 4 drops 4 times a day but it may be increased depending upon the situations.

    • The personalised remedy mix prepared for you will released all the emotions from the surface first and then clear out the underlying hidden emotions.
    • Following diagram will help you understand the working of your personalised remedy Mix.
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    • Any of the above 3 conditions can be experienced
      • Sudden high and then low and then gradual improvement
      • Steady gradual improvement
      • Deep low & then gradual improvement
    • It takes you into the positive frame of mind and then you hold it by yourself. Hence there is no addiction to anything.
    • The following diagram will explain this
    • emotions
    • We have half monthly or monthly follow ups with the client to monitor the progress.
    • Note:- For our outstation clients we provide telephonic consultations and their personalised remedies bottles can be courier to them.